April fool’s day

Updated: Apr 1

Most of us are familiar with the celebrations of the first of April, commonly known as The April Fool’s day. Have you ever wondered what the origin of this day was, and why most of the people opt for pranks, practicable jokes, and sometimes very serious gags?

Some historians believed that it was the French who switched the calendars. As they used to celebrate after every spring equinox and because of the conversion the starting of the month changed and fell on the 1st of April. Some people, who didn’t like the idea or were accustomed to the old calendar were mocked and teased, hence the pranksters were born.

In case if you are wondering which calendar, they might be following before and what they changed to! Here is the answer: They switched from Julian to Gregorian Calendar.

Julius Caesar first implemented the Julian Calendar in 46 BC. Since the Roman emperor’s system miscalculated the length of the solar year by 11 minutes; the calendar had since fallen out of sync with the seasons. This concerned Gregory because it meant that Easter, traditionally observed on March 21, fell further away from the spring equinox with each passing year. An Italian scientist Aloysius Lilius devised the system of a leap year as a divisible of 4 and 100, they were adding an extra day to every year for the correction of leap year in the Julian calendar. Correcting this error still led to an error of 11 seconds every year in the Gregorian Calendar, hence by 4909, the G. Calendar will be one day ahead of the solar system.

Most of the Catholics followed the G. calendar along with the Protestants eventually; because it was more scientific. Protestant Germany started to follow in 1700 and the British in 1752, nevertheless some Orthodox Churches were still having Julian calendar, though their countries had changed to latter.

“British overnight act” changed from 4 September to 14 September overnight. The next day was not welcomed by many Brits. There were reports of some riots and somewhere their intensity was exaggerated. Before the implementation of the Gregorian Calendar, the English year started on the 25th of March, also known as Lady Day. The Americans had a smooth transition from 4 September to 14 September, when their President Benjamin Franklin welcomed the change.

Some historians believed that ancient Roman used to celebrate it too before the French switching of the calendar in 1582. They celebrated the festival by dressing up in disguised and mocked others at the end of the March by the cult of the Cybele inspired by the Egyptian legend Isis, Osiris, and Se. According to Herodias, all kinds of games and amusements were allowed on this day; masquerades were the most prominent among them, and everyone might, in his disguise, imitate whomsoever he liked, even magistrates. The festival was called Hillarie.

As you can well imagine that the April fool’s day didn’t start as a fooling day as we thought it was; but eventually people started doing pranks on this day. People wanted to start their tradition of fooling others or remain vigilant, especially if they are staying in the dormitories or living with their friends.

Nowadays people are pranking their girlfriends, boyfriends, and other friends more often and most of the time post it on YouTube too. Some of them are hilarious to the point that everyone likes and bursts into laughter. As they say, laughter is the best medicine and it makes us feel good.

I have been fooled several times on this day, but never fooled anyone as such; if I could go back in time, I would love to fool them, because it’s fun if it is not annoying to others or too serious to handle.

Do you have some memories of April fool’s day, can you please share them in the comments?

There are some fooling ideas on a site and I liked to share a few of them:

Leave a note on your victim’s desk, that meets me urgent with a fake signature.

  • Caramelize Onion

  • Reshuffle the kitchen Drawers

  • Take out the underwear and replace it with anything annoying.

  • Send them glitters in an envelope.

  • Cracked Phone screen illusion

  • Fake eggs for the breakfast

Happy April fool’s day, stay vigilant.

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