Australia is going through tough times

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

People should not politicize others misery. During these difficult times if they were angry it’s because they lost everything, even the fresh air around them. Now somewhere in Australia, they don’t have enough supply of water. (Australian bush fire - Part 1)

Lots of comments are appearing on social media. There are a few good suggestions like to ship the water from other areas, which have a surplus. Some turned political and few even went so far comparing it to the war-stricken zones.

The suffering is immense and intensity is high, fires are raging all over Australia. People are being evacuated in high numbers; the fire-stricken areas do look like war-zones. There are evacuation camps being established for people who have lost everything they once own to the fire.

The world is watching and most of us are lamenting. Some celebs have donated a huge number. Many people are going to register as fire-fighters if they do fit the criteria. Communities in Australia are full of volunteers; they are feeding the animals, rescuing them from fire, and organizing donations.

Amazingly and surprisingly, during this time there are even looters too, who are taking the opportunity to plunder.  People who are somehow left untouched by the fires are not saved anymore because of those robbers.

It is indeed appalling, but yes there are people who prevail and flourish using others miseries as opportunities. There are even other looters too, who want to exploit the “fires” to hijack the real issue of “climate change” and its solution.

People felt betrayed by their government and when the prime minister of Australia, #Scott Morison visited fire-stricken areas, people were angry at him for not responding to climate change issues sooner. Today I read that he announced two billion in relief funds for recovery and rebuilding.

People are not just annoyed what he could have done but mad at his response to the crisis during the Christmas holidays.

During the #Golden Globe awards 2020, celebs were expressing their shock and grief about recent #Australia bush-fires. The renowned Australian actor #Russell Crow did not attend the #Golden Globes and his award was received by #Jennifer Aston. She narrated his message with tears in her eyes, which was all about his dear Homeland, which was burning, and #climate change. Everybody was in tears, the people at the ceremony and who were watching.

Some Aussies think the world is not saying enough for them, or they think other people don’t know what they are going through. I would like to inform them that you have every right to say or think like this because you guys are going through the worse of the events ever happened in the world. You will not see it, but people are watching carefully what is going on and they are trying whatever in their hands to be with you, morally if not physically. This is all implied on us as humans. Tragedies and disasters bring us together; no doubt some may exploit that too. The #Australian-bush fires are screaming at us with all their rage and heat, even out of our TV screens, and giving us the message; “don’t take mother nature for granted”. Try to correct it lest you may not have another chance.  We should come as united and stop hating each other. We are the process of millions of years of evolution; will we allow ourselves to be crushed by our greed like this?

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