Be an Autodidact!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Autodidact means a self-taught person. Learning should never cease, nor should any age, life routine, or influence ever terminate the passion for learning. Knowledge will always triumph, as it is a power in one’s hand which can be unleashed at any time. If someone has ever dreamt to learn something, for example, a music instrument, a game, or computer software, to my personal believes, he or she should not just let that dream die. There is always time to fulfill one’s passion for learning.

If you have any amount of time at hand and you had had a passion to learn something, but you never did, it is never too late. Pick up your shorts, buckle up and get started.

Especially, if you are a housewife and had got some time at your disposal, think of nothing else, but to chase your passion. Autodidacticism is the best way to achieve your goal of further learning. By learning, I meant, not just the crafts, but you can also involve yourself in further your education with or without getting a degree. It may even be totally different than the degree, profession, or career you already have.

Thanks in large part to modern technology; anyone can be his own master in learning just about anything. An Internet connection is a cord between us and the wealth of knowledge online about any particular subject. Beyond that, all it takes is initiative.

Mentioning from the same site let me enlist some of the famous autodidacts in history:

  • Leonardo da Vinci

  • Frank Bender

  • Julian Assange

  • Kato Lomb

  • Harry S. Truman

  • The Wright brothers

  • Margaret Mead

  • Mark Twain

  • Thomas Alva Edison

  • Benjamin Franklin

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Karl Marx

  • Charles Darwin

  • Michael Faraday and

  • Frank Lloyd Wright.

There were instances when a person was a college drop-out or even dropped out of high school and later became an autodidact and earned a name for him or her.

You don’t have to be famous or a historical figure to become an autodidact. Anybody can be self-taught—all you need is a willingness to learn and the confidence to make it happen.

Citing more from the same blog, autodidacts are people who have a passion for lifelong learning and question the limits of formal education. Common characteristics of an autodidact are having the drive to know more than what is on the surface, and having a need for unrefined knowledge.

Autodidacts come to their own conclusions about topics and gain perspective by hearing from multiple sources on a matter.

One blog has written a beautiful article about this; Just a glimpse;

“But I’m finished with my “formal” education – why bother with learning anything else? Should any of us be “finished” with education?  “Formal” education isn’t easy. Years of forced study in subjects that may mean nothing to you certainly isn’t fun.  All of that effort and stress to belong to the club of graduates and competitive job seekers. For the majority of the herd, once they received their high school or college education there’s no need to learn anything more, right?  Why bother? Why?  Because there’s a world of knowledge out there beyond what you were taught in school.” I encourage you to read more there.

Just to give you an idea that billions of dollars’ worth of search engines and the information highway are waiting to be explored along with the magical word “Free”.

Don’t halt yourself form getting ahead in your life. Don’t hide your talent, or kill your passion. Get up and start learning. Give me feedback on whether you were motivated enough.

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