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Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Why did I want to have a blog in the first place?

First of all, I thank my fellow blogger Catarina for nominating me for this award. She might have a difficult decision to make, as there is such a list of wonderful and talented bloggers, out of which she chose me.

Catarina is a very creative person. I was amazed to learn that she can speak and very well write in four different languages. Her ability of coaching attracts people to connect with her. Do visit her blog and see for yourself.

I was watching her site as she has a great sense of beauty products. She includes some for the men too. Every time, someone visits her site, there is one thing, one wished to have and another one needs to buy. Visitors should follow her recommendations, as she brings quality products to them.

As far as her blog goes, it is a wonderful place to be. She has a passion for beauty and beauty products, epically skincare. You can check her site here.

The award, for which I, among others, being nominated, is created by the blogger community to recognize each other’s effort and hard work and reward them as such. A blogger will nominate a person and then float it in the community.

The process goes like this and works under the following rules:

  • Display the logo of the blogger recognition award.

  • Thank the blogger nominator.

  • Write something about bloggers' recognition award.

  • Write two reasons why you started blogging.

  • Give two pieces of advice to your fellow bloggers.

  • Nominate 15 more bloggers for the blogger recognition award.

  • Notify each of your nominees that you have chosen them.

Questions I have to answer:

Before the year ends what would you like to accomplish?

1 year has already passed since I started my blog, but if we are talking about the calendar year, I want to establish confidence and continuity among my visitors. I would like my visitors to read my articles to the end and not just browse through them. For this, I have to establish connections with them and earn their trust.

Would you change from your current niche? If so why?

My niche is not a particular one. I have chosen “Disseminating awareness” among the people at large generally, and my visitors particularly. It encompasses all those things about which people should increase their awareness. I have not thought of it, but I am not going to change my niche.

One thing you would do better next time.

Since the last year, I have learned a lot, as I was a blank slate. If I have to start over again, I will develop my circle first and will share my ideas with them, and try to develop the connection even before I start the blog.

What have you learned from your blogging friends?

Every blogger, whom I met in due course of time, are trying to establish a rapport. They have given me ideas, directly or indirectly through their way of running their blogs, to make note of important things and to follow each other blogs.

What is your favorite tool to use for blogging?

I have been working on my site on Wix, besides I am mainly using Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, I am on all of the social media, like Tumblr, Reddit, Linked In, etc. I like Twitter and Facebook the most as they are simple and direct.

Your favorite skincare product?

My favorite skincare product is Nivea because from face wash to body lotion and hand cream, Nivea knows its customers very well. The products are very well ranged both in quality and price and available throughout the world.

My story of starting the blog

Over the years I had learned a lot but never got the chance to fully explore my talents with the world. I wanted to share my experience with the world at large. When COVID 19 was in its epidemic stage, I was thinking to share my knowledge with the world. My teachers in high school always encouraged me to write; they had always seen a writer in me, but somehow it was always the last thing on my mind. Social media is a platform that encourages me to start with my passion. I didn’t give it a second thought and am running the blog now for over a year.

Another reason is directly related to my education. I am Human Nutritionist. It occurred to me that no time is better than now to search for ideas to write about things related to my education too. So I shared my knowledge of health with the world. As I learned by reading on the internet that there are a lot of misconceptions about health and nutrition among people of all ages and backgrounds. This gave me an open door to enter and explore.

My advice for new bloggers

For the new and fresh bloggers, I would say that always go for your passion. Don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of bloggers on the web, and if you have initiated a blog for whatever reason, take it seriously even if you are not achieving your goals at first. Blogging is a steady business and it takes time to get noticed and starts making money.

Blogging is not just about writing but making a connection. Try to make connections with fellow bloggers, your visitors, and your reviewers. Try to read others’ blogs and posts thoroughly. When you read it, always leave a like or a suggestion for them. You never know what it means to others when they are struggling to get appreciated.

Last, but not least, the following are the fifteen nominees which I have to put forth:

  1. @InvincibleWheel for invinciblewomanonwheels

  2. @Sakshi_mishra29 for sakshimishrablogs

  3. @anoop16kuma for motleydotfool

  4. @UnwantedLife for unwantedlife

  5. @BloggingEvery for everybloggingthing

  6. @racheljanefoy96 for rachelfoy96

  7. @lagm4708 for reviewbookmovie

  8. @Adventuresofmat for theeadventuresofmatt

  9. @ArpanDas2211 for theantiqueeconomist1

  10. @KikiHempell for bredbybooks

  11. @tashevans for

  12. @HappinessGoal for

  13. @ItsEmilyKaty for

  14. @AbundanceFlavor for

  15. @clarissacabbage for

These are all wonderful people with ever amazing and wonderful blogs. Please do visit every one of these blogs and appreciate their efforts.

Question for my fellow nominee bloggers:

  1. How are you feeling about the achievements made by your blog?

  2. How much quantitative time do you put into the blog daily, writing, site maintaining, and social media visiting?

  3. What do you miss and/or cherish after the Pandemic?

  4. What do you do to keep yourself calm, while things are not going your way?

I wish you all health, wealth, and happiness.


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