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Blue was nervous, frustrated, agitated, and hopeless. She could see people on one side of the town preparing for the festival. It’s all about splashing water on each other celebrating the incoming wet season, a ritual to ask the heavens for rain.

Then there was another side of the town where the unlucky ones lived. They had to stand in long queues and wait for hours before their turn could come to fetch a bucket or so of water. The basic necessity of life for them was like a life-time work, only to be repeated each day. There was a fit of inherent anger inside them. The anger that summoned the demons and make them flourish. Dads were angry, moms were angry, elder siblings were taking their anger on youngers, perhaps any figure of authority was finding a convenient target to get his or her anger out. There stayed a perpetual wave of irritation and frustration which remained highly infectious and dangerous. The morality seemed to be at its lowest. Nobody admired the beauty lingering here and there. The prettiness in nature, the smile of a kid, the walk of a damsel, the bloom of the flowers, the color of the sky was all but forgotten.

There, a car stopped by and a beautiful youth came out with two lovely kids. It was a pretty hot day and it seemed that the engine of the car was overheated because of the air conditioner running continuously. The driver got out too and approached one of the kids at the front end of the queue filling his bucket of water and asked some for cooling the engines. The perplexed kid was about to help when a grown-up approached waiving and nodding his hand at the driver. It seemed that a commotion had started.

The woman, who was just standing by the car, yelled at the man. Strangely, as she opened her mouth, she lost her ecstatic appeal to the crowd. Her kids were overlooking through the windows and were now seemed to be focused on their mother rather than the crowd. She just shrugged and opened the car door. She dived in and got out with attractively wrapped snacks and toffees, which she offered to the children in the queue.

Amazingly, everyone looked to be ready for a trade. The lady got her water and the engine was cooled down. They left the sight leaving the empty wrappers behind. Now the children who traded their water with the lady seemed to be in trouble as they don’t have enough water for themselves. The whole town was on a water ration and nobody will ever share their water with others.

Those kids were but clever. They filled up their buckets with the water pooled in a drain after the engine was cooled and rushed back home. Nobody cared to notice. The demon of anger, frustration, and resentment was working in its full swing!

It was a piece of routine news, but still, covered some inner pages of the newspaper. Some of the whole families of that area got severe illnesses and most of their members perished because of poisoning and water-related diseases.

Life went on, most of the kids, who died, were replaced by their pregnant mothers, who would be standing in the same crowded queues. Those kids will then be used to work heavily to learn lessons of survival.

The other side of the town was still celebrating. Shouting, laughing, and splashing water on each other. They knew that soon the rain will arrive and the streets will be flooded. People will be Joyce. The water will be getting inside the shops and the houses, damaging the property, destroying the roads and rails, but nobody will care and the life will go on!

Blue’s journey from the top of mountains towards the plains and onto the streets and roofs of the houses was strange. It could be otherwise, but it was filthy and dry. She thought that she was needed yet disrespected and not cared for. She was tainted by some and wasted by many. Tears came into her eyes. From the clouds, she lamented on the ground silently. She wanted to cry and roar, but she just sighed and started flowing towards the open oceans.

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