Carbon emission and us!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

No matter where we are living in the world, we are impacting it, solely; because it is as a global village. Internet and door to door delivery have made things accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world. The cheap flights, desire to travel, and trade more are impacting our lives in such a manner that we have never thought before. Nevertheless, everything has its “gives and takes”……right!

No time is better than now to see how our activities are impacting the earth and its atmosphere.

The greenhouse gases (GHGs) thought to be responsible for maintaining our earth's surface temperature to a suitable degree, which at present averages 15 °C (59 °F). Without these gases, the average amount of temperature at Earth's surface would be −18°C, which would be totally inhabitable. The gist of my explanation is that the balance of everything is important, as we are producing more greenhouse gases, the balance which mother earth was able to keep earlier, she can’t do it anymore.

Since 1775, with the birth of the industrial revolution, we started to affect the environment more severely than before. The rapid increase in the world’s population, usage of more land for farming, bad agricultural practices and soil erosion, deforestation for greed or for more settlers, too much consumption, and need for food, clothes etc. has led to more carbon emissions eventually.

Many countries in the developed world have started seeing the effects of using coal in the 1920s and they started to keep their cities cleaner by then. The problem of carbon emission was still there because it was not entirely dealt with because they moved the factories outside the cities. Japan has cleaned its city smog produced by industrialization by the 1970s. China is also trying to snub her air pollution, the programmed they adapted in the 1990s, but still a long road ahead. This year Delhi smog was so thick in the winter months, that the government has closed the schools for many days. 

Numerous countries in the developed world have taken different measures to reduce carbon emission, but it is still not enough. The developing world tries to tackle the carbon emission problems too, but due to lack of will, corruption, and egoistic views in politics and blaming everything on poor and poverty, or worse; on the rest of the world, and poor infrastructure are some of the things which are keeping the problem at bay.

Due to rapid economic growth, we started emitting 40% more carbon into the air. If things are not taken seriously by our governments and us, the emission level by 2047 will increase the earth’s surface temperature by 2 °C, which indeed is not good news…guys

Next time I am going to write about……what we can do in our daily lives to reduce emissions!

I will appreciate your comments on this.

Adjunct Post

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is a sixteen years old Swedish environmental activist. Two days back, I read in news (Bing), about the teen apologizing for her comments in Italy, “put leaders against the walls”. (Read here about her strikes)

I searched about her and found out that she is a very inspiring young girl, gifted, and on the spectrum. The innocence, simplicity, and determinations on her face are her powers. She got the attention of the world when she has protested in Sweden (with a handmade banner) against climate change and thereby got the world's attention too, and now globally recognized environmental activists. (Greta and Sir David)

I was already admiring the girl when I first read about her over the news, which influenced me to write about her on my blog. The more I read about her, the more I became her ardent fan.

I came across an article in the guardian about Greta. The writer, in addition to immensely praising her, also put some light on the Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He is absolutely right about the appalling indifference of people at large towards ASD or any other kind of learning disabilities. You can find examples even around you, like the other day, one of my friend’s kids who has ASD, complained to her mom that a playmate grandma forbids playing with him.  Sometimes back, once I read that a girl with ASD has celebrated her birthday alone; despite that, she has invited all her schoolfellows. The most distressing news came on Sky news when I saw a girl with ASD locked in solitary confinement in the UK.

My thoughts took me back to the world war-II, where the allied had discovered that German doctors were experimenting on learning disabilities kids, and in their opinion, they can’t “be useful to societies at large”. In this modern world, where every kind of information is just a click away albeit people are still judgmental, harsh, and sometimes violent towards such kids, the relevance I can’t understand.

If one delves into their mind, we can easily see that certain things are so hard for them, especially when it comes to their persona. It may be that they are scared of their imperfections, which they are perfectly hiding or even are not aware of them. If you ask me, I would say to these wonderful kids to just go on with your beautiful life, nobody is perfect. Einstein, who is synonyms with genius, always has a lot of learning difficulties (although his sense of humor was great). The people who don’t want to change their attitude actually are lashing out their fears, anger, resentments, and disappointments. These people are in desperate need of psychological help.

In certain movies, kids with ASD have stereo-typically depicted. I will request these learned movie-makers for not doing them wrong, just in order to get a different movie or to win the best acting award. Everyone has a responsibility towards every other person in the world. We all are different and nevertheless, our needs are the same opened only to be recognized and not to be labeled. My message towards the children is to be like Greta Thunberg!

I hope my views were harmless but I will appreciate to see what you would say about this.

Inspired by the article written in the Guardian: Greta Thunberg teaches us about autism as much as climate change by Ian Birrell.

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