The reasons why I love Chris Stuckmann

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

He is one of the best critics ever on YouTube.  To me, he is basically “Martin Scorsese” of the critic family for me.  He is truthful, honest, realistic, extremely entertaining, and enjoyable to watch.  Unlike other reviewers on YouTube, he is humble, down to earth, and extremely careful about which movie he talks about and knows how to please his fans, including me, with his reviews of every movie he watches every year.  The reason that he is able to attract many viewers, supporters, and followers is because he speaks from the bottom of his heart about movies and whenever he reviews one movie which he saw, the passion is just radiating out of his eyes and he is super excited to talk about that movie. His manner of seeing movies and talking about them feels extremely natural. Whenever I watched him, I feel relaxed, and don’t want to go dark due to my loneliness. My mood changes to a happy one and I feel a sense of joy.  

Stuckmann doesn’t just talk about the plot or acting in a movie, he narrates every single aspect of movie making, e.g. the lightning, the camera work, the editing, the plot, the performances, the screenplay, and gives extremely good views and often results in a very educational review about movies in terms of how they are made and how much work went into making them.

I agree with him 99.9% of the time and there are very few occasions where I disagree. If even I disagree, I think of it as fine.  He respects other people’s opinion and I respect this too.  He never sounds condescending, pretentious, sarcastic, or whiny and just jumps on the bandwagon discussion about a movie just in order to agree with the rest of the other critics. He has always been extremely clear about how he thinks and feels about a film and gives his honest opinion about it, regardless of what other people think about him.

Another reason why I love him is because of his ability to give a rational review about Ghostbusters and Star Wars: I also love him for appreciating movies that are different and original. Movies like Drive, Blade Runner 2049, The Lighthouse, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Prometheus, Enemy,  whereas other reviewers would label them as pretentious and bore-fest.  He knows that audiences want something original and these movies would give them that and these are the kind of movies we should go out and see, not disposable movies like Terminator: Dark Fate, Halloween: Resurrection or Jurassic World.  

I also want great movies that are deep and have a social commentary on things and he wants that too.   I want movies like Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Jaws,  2001: A Space Odyssey,  United 93,  The Bourne Ultimatum,  The Lion King, The Incredibles, The Matrix, Interstellar, The Martian, Psycho 1960, The Shining, The Departed, GoodFellas, Monsters Inc., Halloween by John Carpenter, Indiana Jones trilogy,   The Dark Knight,  Blade Runner 2049,  Zodiac by David Fincher,  Saving Private Ryan. Movies that make you entertain you and make you think when they are over about life and many other things in your life. 

I also am happy that he is married to a beautiful woman and he has two best buddies: Flickpick and Matthew Brando.  I applaud him for being brutally honest with movies like Interstellar, After Earth, The Matrix Reloaded, and the Matrix Revolution and his refusal to sugarcoat things for a demographic audience that basically want things sugarcoated for them.

I really got shocked when he made a video on YouTube where he talks about a short screenplay about the movie Batman vs. Superman that fixed things and made things a lot better for their fight.  He wrote it in 20 minutes and he then posted it on his blog. After he had a wonderful birthday party with his wife and his best friends, he arrived home and found his Twitter flooded with different comments about his short screenplay. At first he thought and admitted it that it was absurd and weird, but when he woke up the night morning, he was stunned to find that his wife was upset and to his shock, people took it way too far with their comments about his screenplay. Some people send him death threats, like people telling him to kill himself, kill his wife, and they want to screw him with razor blades. As an ardent fan of him, I was also shocked to see this and I felt bad for him because he is such a likeable and cool dude and his analysis of movies are like the analysis of filmmaking from directors like Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese.  He is a brilliant person and a reviewer. He never deserves any of this and I also felt bad for his wife because she is an extension of him and they both are wonderful people that basically love what they are doing.  

The other thing about him is that he accepts criticism on his channel and he even tells people to watch the movie and form their own opinion and not to listen to him all the time.  That to me is the definition of a close yet distant friend, who tells you “good luck” on your time at the movies and at life and also a well-educated and decent person.  If I ever become a director, my second project would be making a faithful adaptation of his favorite childhood TV show, Dragon Ball Z in order to satisfy him and make him happy the way he keeps me happy. I would be on a stage accepting my reward; I would mention him and his wife.   I only care about his opinion on a film and I don’t care about what other critics have to say.  When I watch other reviewers, my blood boils and I want to punch my fist into my computer screen because they are so annoying, condescending, pretentious, and whiny. Let me introduce a bit of my dark side here. When I watch other reviewers on YouTube and they say that they have received death threats due to a difference of opinion, I am like “I don’t fucking care about your opinion, your opinion doesn’t matter to me, and your opinion sucks, so why should I feel bad or sorry for you. You brought this on yourself and you are very good at playing the victim role by deliberately sparking controversy in your reviews and when you are confronted with criticism, you rewrite the story and make the other people, who are watching your videos, the bad people, and you the good people”.  That’s a coward way of dealing with things and you are also opportunistic people, which makes sense, and no wonder why you get these comments.

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