Coronavirus with a probability of a pandemic

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Coronavirus, now known to the world as CoVid-19 is on a rampage. So far 47 countries have been affected. China, as the epicenter, is hit the hardest, followed by South Korea where the virus has spread in the highest numbers. Now the virus is spread in almost every continent (Read on Myths about CoVid-19).

In Europe, Italy is its latest victim. The government has first lockdown a residential area near Milan of almost 50,000. After that two more areas were locked down. People who are recently coming from Italy after their holidays to Canada are being advised to self-isolation. They have closed all the schools in that area.

Japan is the 2nd hardest hit after South Korea and is also really concerned about the virus and the way it is spreading in their country. A woman, who has been cured after diagnosed with CoVid-19, got it again after a fortnight. She’s in her 40s. China also reported 14 such cases in its south.

San Francisco (California) only a 5-hours drive from L.A, has declared a state of a travel emergency, despite no cases that have been reported. One USA soldier is reported infected in South Korea. He contracted it from his fellow Korean solider. One hundred Korean soldiers are infected. The USA government has canceled all the joint military exercises until further notice.

In Iran, numerous deaths have been reported, and Iranian as well as international media are accusing them of hiding and mismanaging the virus.  Iran just recently hit a passenger airplane try to avenge the killing of their general. People in Iran don’t trust their government after that. In that atrocity by the Iranian government, 176 Iranian Canadians had died. The people were furious, many resigned and protested.

The WHO is still not calling it a Pandemic officially yet. My son has asked me, after listening to the news, as what will happen next? Is there a Pandemic on the way? I told him that I have no idea because since 1918 the world doesn’t experience any pandemic.

In 1918, the commonly known Spanish Flu had lasted for two years and had claimed 40-50 million lives (numbers are disputed). It spread from remote Pacific islands to Artic and has affected 1.8 - 1.9 billion people worldwide. The Flu first appeared among the soldiers during the First World War, but governments were suppressing it, in order to keep the morals high. Spanish government particularly had published false reports, so the virus was named Spanish Flu.

Earlier scientists had found that the Flu attacked the immune system furiously in young adults, but later in 2007, scientists agreed that mainly malnutrition, overcrowding, and poor hygiene led to superimposed bacterial infections, which caused so many deaths.

The CoVid-19 has claimed up to 2,744 lives in China alone. The WHO is calling for coordination and responsibility among the countries. There are different myths surroundings the Coronavirus, like spraying chlorine and alcohol on your body will kill the virus. Thermal detectors just determine the fever and not the actual tool to diagnose. It Takes 2- 12 days to develop the fever. Pets are safe but must wash your hands with soap and water after contacting them or taking them out. The postal packages received from china are safe and so on so forth.

If you are living in an affected area, self-isolate yourself, wash your hands thoroughly with ordinary soap and water more frequently than usual and every time after the toilet, as it may spread through the fecal-oral route. Keep a distance of at least 1 m (3ft) from others when talking, avoid crowded places, use tissue paper to hold the sneeze or cough and dispose of it properly, and wash your hands with soap and water or use sanitizer after every cough or sneeze episode. Watch this video for proper advice.

The proper advice would be not to panic. Many people even in the affected area are not getting viruses due to certain strict and awesome measures. Stay hydrated and don’t listen to the false rumors. In this modern time, the outbreak is intense and serious, but information and medical systems are advanced. It is the number of affected people all governments want to reduce so that the health system should not get collapsed.

Many countries are trying to develop a vaccine. Israel claims that they started tests on poultry. The vaccine for humans will take several months. The only thing we can do is to stay calm and not to listen to false rumors and just listen to the authorities, and follow WHO guidelines. It will over soon but the panic and reacting to rumors will make it difficult to sustain life and economy. Don’t be selfish and act responsibly!

Think about the health workers who are still working in affected areas and some of them got affected because of their jobs, like the UK GP, some of them died too; pray for the affected ones, many of them are recovering; the motility rate is less than 2 percent. The lives which the virus has claimed were precious, they were not just numbers; think about the people who have lost their loved ones to the virus; think about the people who couldn’t sustain their businesses due to the outbreak. Cathy Pacific sent some of its employees back home without any pay; the people who can’t afford to isolate because of constraints and are continuously at risk; the countries which don’t have enough resources to manage. This is not the time to take stress, put blames, but be kind and realize what everyone can do to help.

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