Different Emotions

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Concepts come in many forms and we, therefore, are surrounded by different types of them all the time, e.g. anger, happiness, sadness, anticipation, and many others are all different types of concepts of emotion.

Anger being a negative type of emotion that we feel when something wicked happens, or when an obnoxious comment on something is made by someone whom we don’t like or maybe when things don't go according to our way. We relate this emotion to anger because we feel it inside ourselves and in our everyday life.

Happiness, on the other hand, is a positive sentiment we experience in our daily lives and environment. People become delighted when they experience an event or a situation that makes them remember being relished with it in their later years. They would like to re-visit such memories.

Sadness can be regarded as a mixture of anger and depression. This emotion makes us feel extremely miserable whenever something terrible happens to us or a loved one. For example, when we fail an exam, ostracized by our friends, or have a devastating breakup with our partner.

Anticipation, though, is a feeling of excitement about something which we may not wait to experience by ourselves. An example of anticipation can be put as waiting eagerly to watch our favorite football team play again in the tournament.

Emotions help us make decisions for ourselves and whether these decisions can lead us to good consequences or otherwise, always has a profound effect on our choices and later decision makings. Emotions have the ability to make us understand people who are different from us and provide us a chance to feel empathy towards others. An example of empathy is by not getting angry on the difference of opinions; or to disagree positively and in a civilized manner.

When we experience a life and death situation in the wake of danger, different emotions emerge at the same time that makes us respond to the threat. If we are in a fury, we would confront and fight the threat; likewise, if we are scared, we would flee from the threat. These are all emotions that have many qualities to them and we encounter them every single day in every situation.

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