Discrimination against the LGBTQ community

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

In a society, there’s always been crime happening towards all kinds of people which unluckily make the apparent target or victim, but when it happens to a person who claims to be gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and queer, it’s bound to be a serious example/type of hate crime committed to general by a homophobic person who can’t seem to stand the fact that people’s sexual orientation is absolutely a personal phenomenon.

Last year, two lesbians were brutally attacked on a bus in the UK by a group of people. The cops were able to identify the suspects who were directly involved and associated with the assault and had arrested them. Another example includes a woman called “Tyra Hunter” who was involved in a fatal accident in Washington DC, was taken to the hospital and the surgeons were trying their best to save her life, but as soon as they learned that Hunter was a transgender person, they abandoned her and left her to die! This act of ignorance and negligence shocked the hell out of me in regards to how society could be so heartless and cruel to another human being simply due to how different they are in regards to their sexuality.

Many teenagers have to hide their sexuality by not conforming it even to their parents or to their friends because they fear discrimination, hostility, and prejudice from them and many boys have been threatened online and face-to-face by strangers and even their families have threatened to disown them if their sexuality turns to be gay. Many lesbians have also faced discrimination and prejudice at their workplace and have gone through the same turmoil as gays have.

Many gays and lesbian teenagers have been reported to be homeless and are living on the streets and are struggling to survive day and night without any help or support from society in general and family & friends specifically.

Yet, there are some heart and soul left in our society as an organization by the name of “Night Ministry” have been providing these homeless shunned people with a place to stay, food, water, and allow them to socially interact with other members of the LGBTQ community. There’s also another program called “Family Acceptance program” where parents of children who are gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or queer learn to accept their children for who they are and not to discriminate against them due to their sexuality.

There are yet examples of children, whose sexuality is different from the rest of society, who tend to have parents who are extremely supportive and loving of them and are willing to protect them and also shield them from danger and harm’s way. That’s just what parents ought to do for their children because they love them and they’re their blood and flesh.

For transgender people who are receiving discrimination and hostility in their community, there’s a certain petition launched on the website called “Beyond I Do”, which not only tried to help the transgender people get away from discrimination in their neighborhood but also helped bring awareness to people who are unable to buy a house and are on the brink of losing their job, status, reputation, and position due to their sexuality. If anyone is transgender and is facing obstacles and barriers in their lives- please check out this campaign because it motivates you to play the part in providing help and support to people whose sexual orientation is similar to yours.

As generally accepted, there are simply two types of gender: Males and females but in some countries such as India and Bangladesh, there’s a certain unofficial third type of gender called Hijras. Hijras are people whose sexual orientation is whatever they will decide, but their physical characteristics are neither male nor female and sometimes it could change from either of the two. There has been a tremendous amount of discrimination and prejudice against them. When certain people of this cadre climbed the ladder of the society and become powerful after being voted by the people of the country, they put forth the problems faced by them and the like.

This problem not only acquits to these countries but also countries like America, Britain, etc. In 2015, the US Supreme Court allowed members of the LGBTQ community to marry one another, if they so wish. In other words, legalizing marriages for all people whose sexual orientation was different and that to me was the greatest thing the justice system ever did and there was hope for a greater cause of diversity and equality to people who were different.

Moreover, many actresses also belong to the LGBTQ community like Ellen Page, Clea Duvall, and Niecy Nash. Ellen Page, now known as Elliot Page announced that she was lesbian in 2014, and last week, she proclaimed that she was transgender and is now referred to as a man rather than as a woman. Since I am a fan of Mrs. Page, I stood-by her decision because the choice is hers and nobody can tell her or convince her otherwise. Of course, there would be countless other people shamming her for the decision and will be criticizing her. I have this message to say to those people: “Leave other people alone and let them live their lives as you are living yours”.

To tell my side of the story, I have a friend who was once a man but after a couple of years, he recently decided to change his sexuality from being a man to a woman. As I heard it, I was very happy for him because even though he changed his sexuality, I would always support him and love him as a friend along with cherishing the memories of all the good times I have with him now her.

It’s time to start a conversation about how to help people who are members of the LGBTQ community to overcome the obstacles about their sexuality.

First: Always be careful with whom you speak and first determine whether they are trustworthy. If they are, then you can reveal your sexuality and if they aren’t, there is no need for everybody to know.

Second: Don’t be afraid to tell your parents about it but first be sure about what sort of parenting style they have and also whether or not they are extremely biased against gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexuals, and queer. If they are, you can always try to find someone in your family who can be trusted and can convey your thoughts to them. If they’re good-hearted parents, speak out from your heart and tell them, they would also support you no matter what.

Third: Never reveal your sexuality to a stranger whom you don’t know or unfamiliar with because what if they could leak it out to the entire world which could destroy your life permanently.

Fourth: Don’t rush things out. Take your time, adjust to it, and whenever you feel comfortable and are sure that the time is right, reveal yourself by first telling your parents and then trusted friends, and then eventually your acquaintances.

Fifth: Don’t worry about what other people say or think about you! I go by the phrase “don’t care, just do what you love and be who you desire to be” because people would judge you, label you, criticize you, and would use slangs like “dykes and fags” but remember assertiveness is more important than aggression or frustration because assertiveness means that you stand up for what you believe is right respectfully and honestly instead of being aggressive or frustrated. So, don’t worry about what others say. Be who you want to be in life. We at Vividnstylish will always support you because you’re awesome and very fun to hang out and have a conversation with.

Live and Let Live!


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