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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I read in the news about sir Elton John’s New Zealand concert in Auckland was postponed because of Elton losing his voice. Later, on his Instagram account (16 Feb), he humbly apologized to his fans for discontinuing the concert, as he’s diagnosed with walking pneumonia. He admired his fans for their support and told them that he’s deeply sorry for his ill health.

Today I read in the news that he’s going to get better and soon will be able to perform for his fans live this coming Friday (21st Feb 20). This is indeed good news and we hope that he will again give a night to remember to his fans.

Sir Elton John 72 years of age, once declared himself a bisexual in 1976 but later in an interview (1992) to a magazine that he is comfortable being gay (Mary Rhiel, David Bruce Suchoff, The seductions of biography. Routledge. 1996. p. 23. ISBN 978-0-415-91090-3. Retrieved 2 February 2010...). He is a survivor of Prostate cancer, which he hid from the public until he got better. His accomplishments in music are pretty well-known. His recent most memorable songs were for the Lion king.

The late Princess Diana was among his fans and a dear friend. He played on her Funeral. Moreover, he supported Prince Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s’ decision to step down as Royal seniors. He lends them his plane to travel to his home in France. Later, on his Instagram account, he wrote that he is deeply distressed by the troll of press on the Royal couple for using the jet.

He played at the couple’s wedding too. In his recent memoirs, he opened up about his feeling towards the song “candle in the wind”, which he played on his loyal Friend’s Funeral, Princess Diana Duchess of wales, and was remain on top of the pop songs for weeks after Princess Diana’s funeral. He expressed that he feels uncomfortable about that and couldn’t get to terms that why people listen to that version of the song while it’s too distressing. I think people want to listen in the memory and to consolidate their love and grief for her untimely death and their friendship to one another.

The pop singer is married to his partner, David Furnish and blessed with two boys, who he adores. After diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017 and cured after surgery, he wanted to slow down so that he can spend more time with his family and friends.

A few months back he was interviewed by Graham Norton (Nov 2019) where he told about his hair transplant, drug addictions, and his marriage to his partner. He also talked about his troubled relationship with his mum (the writer of the article not pleased with the interview). The interviewer wanted that Sir Elton John should have opened more about past troubles and deeper aspects of life. During that interview, he rather pointed towards the than Graham Norton (I am his huge fan) reserved attitude about Elton.

I liked the interview of Elton John taken by Rowan Atkinson, where he interviewed him as Mr. Bean. That part was hilarious when he kept asking about the order of his name. He insisted that it should be John Elton rather than Elton John.

We wish him all the health and pray that with his music he goes on enlighten many lives and more lives to come.

Sir Elton contribution to music is immense, but he’s big support for those around him. Even he insisted Robbie Williams to go to rehab when seen him intoxicated. Robbie Williams told the whole story quiet in a funny and interesting way while on Jonathan Ross show once (24 NOV 2019).) He later reveals he is sober since then.

It reminds me that some People do struggle with drug addictions and celebrities in particular, because of their hectic lifestyles. Now more celebrities are opening up about their struggles with drugs and alcohol, like Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, and Opera Winfrey. The stigma attached to drug addiction and the judgmental attitude about the victims, make them not to talk. But now as they are opening up, more discussion and awareness are coming. Anybody can slip in their lives, once or maybe twice. The strength is to seek help before it becomes too late. Many celebrities have lost their lives due to drug overdose. Now celebrities openly talking about their struggles with drugs and it are a very brave step indeed. It not only gives them the opportunity to talk about their struggles in the past with drug addiction, but many can benefit from their experience and they don’t think they are alone in their fight.

There are many non–profit organizations working to help people with different kind of addictions. Among those President Clinton has a Foundation “the Clinton foundation”. The Clintons are running it for the last two decades, where they are educating, helping, and bringing understanding towards opioids and other drug-related problems. They are treating it like the opioid epidemic in America. Data shows that more people died in the USA from a drug overdose or drug-related problems then car crash or gun violence, HIV/AIDs.

Last week we lost two celebrities, the former love island hostess English Caroline Flack (1979-2020), left us at the age of 40 last Saturday-15 Feb. It is indeed tragic news and untimely death. We pay condolences to her family, friends, and loved ones. Love Island host on Monday pay tribute to her by remembering her and said, “we are all absolutely devastated by the tragic news that Caroline, a much-loved member of our Love Island family, has passed away,” Stirling (host) continued as his voice was cracking “like many of you, right now, we are just trying to come to terms with what happened.”

The other 86 year old American actress who died last week was Lynn Chon (1933-2020). She passed away last Friday 14 Feb. The actress is well known for her role in the critically acclaimed; Oscar-nominated movie “Munich” by Stephen Spielberg, in which she has played the prime minister of Israel. In her 40 years career she will be well- remembered for the housekeeper role - Magda, she also played in Sex and the city. Sam Claflin, who she worked alongside in the film Hunger Games: Catching Fire, also took to Instagram to mourn Cohen's loss: "Mags, I'll carry you everywhere. Always," he wrote "RIP Lynn, you wonderful, wonderful lady, you."

The entertainment industry is going to miss these beautiful souls. Life is short, smile when you can, and be kind when you should. In some other article, I may write how to help people with addiction if they are in your closer circle. I will appreciate your thoughts on it, please do write to me.

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