Golden Globe 2020

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The stardust Golden Globe happened in #Los Angeles in the US. The ceremony started with #Ricky Grevis at #Beverly Hilton Hills hotel near #Hollywood. The occasion was an open bar party. So people were enjoying themselves while at the ceremony. The stars were shining in their tuxes and dresses. Ladies were looking stunning in their beautiful and elegant designer attires. (BAFTA 2020)

#Meryl Streep and #Helen Mirren both were seen together, talking and try to go out from the hall, but stopped by the security, as they can’t reenter from here, and they walked back smiling hand in hands. Both were looking sparkling in their Blackish silver and red dresses.

Many eyes were on #Jenifer Aniston and #Brad Pitt as there were once married. She smiled when Brad Pitt got an award for the best supporting actor. Jen too got a nomination in the best actress category (group TV movies or limited series) for “the morning show”.

Once Jenifer got emotional while accepting the awards on behalf of #Russell Crowe, who couldn’t attend due to the Australia horrid, raging #Bushfires. #Tom hanks acceptance speech for his award was passionate too when he praised his wife immensely for standing with her for the best and the worse.

Some Stars opted for political statements, for example, the #Oscar winner actress #Patricia Arquette, who won for best supporting actress. Scarlet Johansson was looking marvelous in red; she too got nominated for best actress in the film “marriage story”

The Oscar-winning director for the movie #Pulp Fiction (1994) screenplay #Quentin Tarantino was the man of the evening for his movie “once upon in Hollywood”, which got nominated in many categories as well as he is nominated for director category, his film got best picture and screenplay award.

#Martin Scorsese (#Oscar winner), who is a legendary director and mentor for many in the Industry, got many nominations for his movie “the Irishman”; but couldn’t win any award that night.

Sir Elton Jhon and Bernie Taupin accepted the award for the best original song-motion picture ” I am Gonna love me again”.  Recently, sir, Elton Jhon gathered 1 million dollars in charity for #Australia Bushfire victims.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge winner of the best actress award in a comedy or musical television series announced at backstage that she’s going to auction off her dress Ralph and Russo suit, for the victims of #Australian bush fires. Many praised her actions and kindness.

Cate Blanchet — speaking on behalf of her fellow Australians in the room on Sunday night, including Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, and Toni Collette — said, "I know we're all very grateful to the callouts to our fellow compatriots suffering under the bushfires." She added that "of course when one country faces a climate disaster, we all face a climate disaster so we're in it together."

The host #Ricky Grevis ended the show, by asking celebrities and everyone to donate for #Australian bush fires. No matter how much we enjoyed watching our beloved stars on-screen for the #Golden globes 2020, we always praise their generosity for doing charities and asking to step forward for disastrous events like #Australian bushfires.


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