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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Greta Thunberg is a sixteen years old Swedish environmental activist. Two days back, I read on the news (, about the teen apologizing for her comments in Italy, “put leaders against the walls”.

I searched about her and found out that she is a very inspiring young girl, gifted, and on the spectrum. The innocence, simplicity, and determinations on her face are her powers. She got the attention of the world when she has protested in Sweden (with a handmade banner) against climate change and thereby got the world's attention too, and now globally recognized environmental activists.

She’s a very simple yet incredible human being. Many people thought that she’s from a wealthy family and she’s just the face.

I was already admiring the girl when I first read about her over the news, which influenced me to write about her on my blog. The more I read about her, the more I became her ardent fan.

Greta an influential person

I came across an article in the guardian about Greta. The writer, in addition to immensely praising her, also put some light on the Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He is right about the appalling indifference of people at large towards ASD or any other kind of learning disabilities. You can find examples even around you, like the other day, one of my friend’s kids who has ASD, complained to her mom that a playmate grandma forbids playing with him. Sometimes back, once I read that a girl with ASD has celebrated her birthday alone; despite that, she has invited all her schoolfellows. The most distressing news came on Sky news when I saw a girl with ASD locked in solitary confinement in the UK.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder

My thoughts took me back to the world war-II, where the allied had discovered that German doctors were experimenting on learning disabilities kids, and in their opinion, they can’t “be useful to societies at large”. In this modern world, where every kind of information is just a click away, albeit people are still judgmental, harsh, and sometimes violent towards such kids, the relevance I can’t understand.

If one delves into their mind, we can easily see that certain things are so hard for them, especially when it comes to their persona.

If one delves into their mind, we can easily see that certain things are so hard for them, especially when it comes to their persona. It may be that they are scared of their imperfections, which they are perfectly hiding or even are not aware of them. If you ask me, I would say to these wonderful kids to just go on with your beautiful life, nobody is perfect. Einstein, who is synonyms with genius, always had a lot of learning difficulties (although his sense of humor was great). The people who don’t want to change their attitude are lashing out their fears, anger, resentments, and disappointments. These people are in desperate need of psychological help.

In certain movies, kids with ASD have been stereotypically depicted as a cliché. I will request these “learned” movie-makers for not doing them wrong, just to get a different movie or to win the best acting award. Everyone has a responsibility towards every other person in the world. We all are different and nevertheless, our needs are the same opened only to be recognized and not to be labeled. My message towards the children is to be like Greta Thunberg!

Greta and Sir David Attenborough

Sir Attenborough immensely praised her persistence towards the protests

Well, I was writing about her, and was tempted to say something about the ASD and couldn’t hold myself. Since I have read about her, I am in continuous touch with her through her Facebook page. Lately, I have learned a lot about her activity to protect the environment.

I watched her Skyping on BBC with Sir David Attenborough (one of my favorites), which was phenomenal. In that interview, Sir Attenborough immensely praised her persistence towards the protests. He added that the first-ever protest is always impactful, but one loses energy when repeating the same thing over and over. Greta agreed on this with him but replied with her never-ending innocence that she had no other choice. They both ended the meeting by a wish to meet one another in person.

The School Strikes

Greta started school strikes every Friday. She was alone at first, but adamant and now as a year has passed, it is changed into a global climate campaign, and 125 countries have joined hands in participating in it. It’s a global movement now. Her protest entered the 71st week. These protests are now all over the world referred to as “Fridays for Future”.

Greta's dad still worries about her daughter's well-being, because of some of the hate comments she’s getting daily for her work towards climate change. On the contrary, her Facebook page is full of encouraging comments from all over the world from all ages, but there were some very appalling comments too. I will have a piece of advice for her dad (as I am a mom of such a talented kid) that now she’s ready than ever before. The main purpose of being different is to do something different and that’s what she’s doing. The genetic package she got is guiding her towards her goals and achievements. This climate change is not just a movement for her; it’s her life-giving oxygen. She’s flourishing in it and being turned into a healthy young woman (she’s turned 17 last Friday; Happy Birthday Greta).

She’s a very simple yet incredible human being. Many people thought that she’s from a wealthy family and she’s just the face. Others are saying that she should be in school, like all other kids of her age. Nevertheless, she knows what she is doing. She traveled and met influential people around the globe, which has not affected her simplicity, innocence, and determination to do what she believes in.

Of course, climate change can’t be done overnight. The economic impact, as well as crisis, would be huge. People need jobs, mouths to feed, bills to pay, and have to run their lives.

The world population is going to hit 7 billion soon. Greta is bringing awareness and the will to act. How small contribution counts? No matter where we are, who we are, we need to change our attitude and behaviors towards the climate.

The real power is not to know how powerful you are; rather it is to know how to apply. Greta is doing that, the girl who shook the world to its core, by standing alone first, because change counts. Today she’s an inspiration to millions. As Sir David Attenborough said, “the world belongs to the youngsters”; this world belongs to Greta Thunberg.

Rally in Lausanne Switzerland

Lausanne is a city in Switzerland, the capital, and the biggest town of the canton of Vaud in Romandy, Switzerland. A municipality is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva. It faces the French town of Évian-Les-Bains, with the Jura Mountains to its north-west. Lausanne is located 62 kilometers (38.5 miles) northeast of Geneva.

She went there for display. Her strikes were a huge success at Lausanne. Thousands of people came to support her cause. Mostly the protesters were teenagers, walking with banners, and signs of animals, like Koala, recently died in huge numbers during the devastating Australian Fires.

Greta got furious about the rise of ocean temperatures. She said while addressing the huge crowd, that despite all data pointing towards climate change we are not seeing any change of attitude from the world leaders and elites. She adamantly warned them "This is just the beginning. You haven't seen anything yet. We assure you of that!".

It’s a new beginning and the start of a new era, in which the world does not belong to the fittest but the kindest.

Greta's Facebook page is full of the Friday march in Lausanne. Most of the people are praising her whole heartily from all around the world. In Thailand, one school protested with them in solidarity. People were getting emotional while commenting, especially from Australia, where the aftermaths of the recent Australian bushfires have left Aussies shocked. Millions of hectors of land and 1 billion animals are lost in these recent fires.

Inspiration around the world

There was a picture of young kids who made their banners in support of Greta’s school strikes. People are moved by this young 17 years old, who is not backing off from her platform for a better climate for all. Nevertheless, there is a tiny minority who’s opposing her stark views and solutions to climate change. They are deliberately targeting her being on the spectrum. They think this is all hoax and she’s being used by her parents and world organizations for their own goals. They even felt no embracement or shame in calling her less than 100% fit. They think or like to think that the world belongs to the fittest, and she as in their “view”, not like “them”, she can’t be trusted. In their opinion, the world would discard them when they are done with her, and she would not be prepared then. In my view, she has just started; it’s a new beginning and the start of a new era, in which the world does not belong to the fittest but the kindest. The one who’s gifted and supported like Greta, despite all her challenges, moving like a tsunami and people all over the world are getting inspired and are becoming more aware of the space we share and the view we hold.

See the difference

We need to change our attitude towards, not just climate change, but towards intelligence. It never belonged to the narrowed minded, who just see the world through the order of abilities and disabilities. The minute a human thinks he’s better off than others or attacks them personally, they start losing their humanity along with their so-called ”intelligence”. Greta does not just remind us about climate change, she also retells what intelligence is; to use for the betterment of oneself and others. Yes, she is DIFFERENT; she’s using that difference not just to become meaningful, but to show the world that she’s there for a purpose. She’s using her being different as her strengths just by accepting it and that’s what she’s telling the world and the world’s leader.

Millions of people all around the world are in support of Greta and her movement. The reason is simple, climate change is real

She’s an environmental activist and has inspired millions for standing up for climate change. She is praised by millions more for utter determination and stubbornness to fast climate change.

World leaders and Greta

She’s now in her 78th Friday for future school strikes. People inquired about her Facebook page management, she clearly stated that her Facebook page is managed by an Indian guy. Some people started asking for donations on her behalf. On her social media account, she wrote that she’s going to register #fridayforfuture and it will take some times, please don’t give any money in donations to those fake people.

Millions of people all around the world are in support of Greta and her movement. The reason is simple, climate change is real and it’s affecting all of us, no matter where we are. The second probable reason is her determination because she was appalled that despite clear indications in the data e.g. rise in ocean temperature, world leaders are not taking any drastic measures. She stated that I want the world to get panic and should take immediate measures; take it as a world emergency.

Her strategy is working and some newspapers, like The Guardian, announced that they are not going to take any ads from petroleum industries. British Prime Minister, Boris Johansson announced that they are going to get rid of petrol and diesel cars by 2035 -2040, and the UK pledges to move towards zero carbon emission till 2050.

Boris reassures children at a science museum in London along with the great TV wild animal presenter and environmentalist Sir David Attenborough, a great admirer of Greta’s work, that why it’s important for the UK to lead others, and achieve its carbon neutrality till 2050.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, who once took part in #fridayschool strikes, has just approved a controversial oil digging. On Greta’s Facebook page, Canadians particularly got very angry at the hypocrisy of the approval of the pipeline. Australians are also showing their despair on her page about their government’s budget cuts towards climate change and approving new mining projects.

The economy is running on fossil fuel and without it, we will not be able to sustain it. The people who are related to the mining business and their jobs are created by the petroleum industry, are not so pleased with climate activists like Greta. “I talked with some ex-miners who lost their jobs due to closing of mines, are not so unhappy, because they are aware, the only way to save the planet and us from green-house emission gases would be not to emit more or move towards zero-emission,” Great said. The environmentalists are urging governments that instead of approving more carbon emission projects, like (bringing petroleum from oil sands near Edmonton, Alberta, to tanks in Burnaby near Vancouver on Canada's Pacific Coast), invest public money in greener projects and create jobs this way.

Kids want to be like Greta

I have seen on Greta’s Facebook page how different people telling their kids to be like Greta. Greta is indeed an inspiration, no doubt about it. The climate change activist got a niche in her life, supported by elites and people from all walks of life. Her parents have supported her because she was determined and liked to do something about it with her “gifted mind” and uniqueness, which propelled her to start a movement. She has researched and seen the evidence at hand. When she was talking; one understands she is talking from the heart and using her head, giving the logic of data. My argument to those parents and grandparents is to support Greta, get inspired by her, but don’t use her to criticize your kids. Every kid is unique and has the potential, you as parents have to let them find their niche; try not to put your desires on them.

Relate greed with climate destruction, what you see?

The greed is never-ending and in the past, we have got lots of examples, one of them when people used to hunt whales for oil. Due to this, they started to reduce in number. International treaties were negotiated in the 1930s to regulate the hunt, and the International Whaling Commission was established in 1949, with an expert Scientific Committee to monitor population and abundance. When they were on the verge of extinction, a total ban was imposed in 1972 by the United Nations which called for a cessation of whaling. The United States Congress passed an Endangered Species Act; whale sanctuaries were declared in the 1970s and ’80s, and a general moratorium on commercial whaling, adopted by the IWC in 1982, took effect in 1987 – measures intended to protect whales from ultimate annihilation. Nevertheless, some nations have resumed limited whaling outside the jurisdiction of the IWC (taking species that are not generally considered to be critically endangered). The condition of several species – the North Atlantic right whale, the Arctic bowhead, and the Pacific blue whale – remains critical.

Similarly, we have to stop our greed for fossil fuels, eat less, consume less, and reproduce less.

Greta came from a country, where population, child negligence, and poverty are not the major issues. She got her chance in addressing her problems, which she’s still getting. Are the developing world parents willing to give that chance to their kids? I am not against getting inspired by Greta; I am speaking for those kids, who even don’t know whether they will survive, get educated, or thrive. This is our job to provide them with the chance they deserve, like Greta’s parents have given her, and they will too activate a movement, which will address their societies’ problem and in the end become align with Greta’s cause.

Greta inspires a girl in India

“Greta of India”, a 7 years old girl, now 8, Licypriya Kangujum has started school strikes two years back on Fridays and she was struck out from the school as a result. She started to protest in front of parliament in New Delhi on Fridays. Since then, she got the attention of the media and they started giving her the name “Greta of India”. She didn’t seem happy with that as I saw it. Nonetheless, she was urging her government to introduce climate change in the school curriculum.

A BBC documentary series is going to be made about Greta’s work and life. She has started writing books, traveling the world, and meeting influential people – she is now one of them. Greta is great, no doubt about it. We wish her all the best and to the rest of the world’s kids and teenager too, whom she has inspired – keep inspiring Greta and keep smiling – the worlds need you!

Change the mindset

If we come out of our mindset, we can evaluate and then decide. In the “third world”, we just see the results; no one of us ever wants to find the cause and the relationship between it and the effect. Flowing against the flow of society is not easy; the price has to be paid. Every one of us has got some power, whether we are exploiting it or using it wisely. Greta is a stark thinker, no doubt about it, but she is open about it, she’s using her powers to change the Monopoly of Oil industries. We don’t want to live in poverty too, but we want transparency, in which politicians and corporate joints can’t exploit us, nevertheless, if we want a better and transparent world, we have to start respecting each other and begin to comprehend that the kids are for the future and not for the desires to be fulfilled. When we stop exploiting our positions, only then we can manage to start movements like Greta.

I hope my views were harmless and had not offended anyone, as that was not my intention. I will appreciate seeing what you would say about this.

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