The attire of lady dignitaries at the 59th Presidential inauguration on 20th January 2021

In addition to enjoying the well-rehearsed inauguration ceremony, with a sigh of relief, I am of a sort to look for how each guest was welcomed, how they made their entrances, what they were wearing, etc. There is much to write about this auspicious occasion, but in this article, I will cut-short to cover the dressing up of notable ladies, which I am sure others, like me, have not missed.

Michelle Obama: At the 2009 swearing-in ceremony of Barack Obama, Michelle exercised her well-known fashioned eye in selecting a lemongrass-colored Isabel Toledo wool lace dress and jacket with a pair of olive-green J. Crew gloves. This time she changed to a plum burgundy from head to toe. She was looking stunning in that dress. The outfit comprised a turtleneck sweater and wide-legged bootcut pants, with a structured coat helping her strike the balance between understated elegance and power dressing. It was designed by LA-based Sergio Hudson.

Kamala Harris: She was wearing a purple dress and a coat with white beads, and black gloves, and a mask. She was looking gorgeous, as she is always, confident and elated after she inaugurated in that outfit. She couldn’t hide her excitement after she has to take off the mask for taking the oath as First black, Indian woman Vice President.

Hillary Clinton: At Bill Clinton’s swearing-in ceremony in 1993, Hillary wore a checked pink suit by Arkansas designer Connie Fails, whom Hillary had commissioned among several things to get herself ready as the first lady. This time she was wearing violet too but in purple pants, shirt, and scarf along with a red and black dotted long coat. She was looking vivid.

Laura Bush: At her husband’s first Inauguration, she wore a single-breasted, peacock blue coat and skirt for the day and later a long-sleeve, crystal-embroidered gown of Chantilly lace over silk georgette. At Joe’s ceremony, her robin blue outerwear choice symbolized the overarching theme of unity that President Biden had made as to the mission of his presidency. She too was looking graceful and charming.

Jenifer Lopez: She was wearing Chanel in white. It was silky white pants and a long jacket and a shirt. This is the color of the suffragette. She was also wearing white pearls and silver stones and looking gorgeous in the outfit.

Lady Gaga: She was wearing a ball gown, with a red voluminous skirt and navy-blue jacket, studded with a glittering gold big dove. She was looking lovely while singing the USA National Anthem.

Ella Emhoff: She is the 22-year-old stepdaughter of Vice President Harris and the daughter of the second Gentleman Doug Emhoff. At Wednesday’s inauguration, she wore an embellished, cinched-waist long coat by Miu Miu.

Amanda Gorman: She is the youngest poetess ever performed in an inauguration for the president of the USA. She has graduated from Harvard University in 2020. Her poem at the ceremony was inspired by the recent riots in the capitol building. She was wearing yellow and was looking confident and nice in it. She is raised by a single mother who is an English teacher. Amanda is an ambitious young woman and her goal is to run for the presidency in 2036.

Amy Klobuchar: She too was looking great and sparkling when she started the ceremony with her speech in mustard coat and burgundy muffler. Her smiles and outfit brought energy to the ceremony.

Last, but not least:

Dr. Jill Biden: Her ocean blue wool coat, dress, and matching silk face mask were created by emerging American designer Alexandra O’Neill, founder of the label Markarian. According to the label that the color blue signifies trust, confidence, and stability, and the designer pieces are made to deduce waste.

That’s all folks! We will see what holds with this Presidency.










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