Meghan and harry decision to step away from royal duties

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The news channels are buzzing with #Prince #Harry and #Meghan's decision to step back as senior royals. Today I learned that Queen has approved their decision and agreed to a transition period. This, of course, would be slow, but perhaps and first of its kind.

Harry talked about the sudden loss of his mum and furthermore that many of his today’s actions are just merely based on that loss and tragedy. #Diana, Princess of Wales, sudden and tragic demise had left Prince Harry and Prince William, just 12 and 15 then, totally in a perpetual shock. With the queen's constant support and their father Prince #Charles on their sides, the boys manage to somehow surpass the tragedy. The wounds of that catastrophe are still there though, and whenever paparazzi try to get closer to their private lives, the outcry is very forceful and loud and sometimes legal too from both the princes.

#Meghan who everyone knows was a divorcee at the time of her marriage to Prince #Harry, an American, and not from the white race. She is the first-ever to get married to a royal with the titles remained. Let me remind you here that queen #Elizabeth's uncle has abdicated in 1931 to get married to a woman of his dreams, an American and divorcee too. He had to give up the throne for love and lived on the patent all his life from the Royal family.

Meghan's journey into the royal family is not an easy one either. Soon after the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry, people were cynical about her. Most of the British thought she’s a sign of trouble. She herself accepted that in the same article I was reading, that she tried to adopt British sensibility about “tight lips’”, but it destroyed her emotionally, according to her. She doesn’t want to survive, she wants to thrive. It reminded once again of Diana, Princess of Wales, how emotionally hurt she was when she decided to divorce.

I went on social media and people who are not supporting the “Meghan and Harry” decision to step back from their royals duties while maintaining the titles of Royals. Their argument is that they should straightaway give up all their Royals names. They can’t use taxpayer money to live on.  The other question readers were asking as to how he can commence his Royal duties, for instance, he’s the commander of the Royal Navy and he can’t hold on his position while living outside the UK.

The road is bumpy, full of hurdles, but as they say, where there is will there is away. Their wish is to thrive as a happy and healthy couple while remaining as the Royals. They want to raise their son #Archie free from the eyes of paparazzi. Prince Harry knows the cost of being a royal child, he wants a different upbringing for his kid, just like any loving dad would want or to give. In the process, he never wants to let down his brother, dad, the Queen and the rest of the royal family. It’s his choice to marry Meghan, outside the Royals, just like once his dad and many years back his great grand-uncle did. He didn’t want to live like his great grant-uncle nor he wants to end up like his mum and dad (huge tragedy the loss of Diana).

Meghan, when marrying Harry, knew the kind of life she was stepping in, but no matter how well you are prepared, you truly understand the gist of it after practically involved in it. She never wanted to put her or her husband in a difficult position with the “the Royals”. She herself owns the royal title now and part of that family. All they want that as a young family some freedom, privacy, and wanted to support the royal family and the crown while remaining a healthy, happy young couple. I think it’s not a wish, which can’t be granted if we all are opting for that and they are not asking for much.

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