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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The sudden and tragic death of Kobe Bryant (RIP) is indeed a shock to the NBA fans, basketball lovers all around the world and as well people who knew him. The 41-year-old former basketball legend was flying back home along with his 13 years old daughter when the tragedy struck last Sunday (26-Jan-2020). Nobody survived the crash. Fans started to send heartbroken Emojis. The widow of Kobe Bryant, on her Instagram last Tuesday, thanked millions of fans for their condolences and wrote that Kobe and Gigi would be happy to know that they were so loved. Kobe is survived by 3 daughters and a wife.

Here is an Oscar-winning short animated movie on him (based on a poem written by him) the score was given by the wonderful and legendary Oscar winner musician Johns Williams’s.

While going through an article written in Kobe’s honors in the New York Times, I came to realize how much the guy was famous, loved, and how much people are going to miss him. The author of the article compares his death news to JFK’s death, just to give us the feeling of his loss.

The start of 2020 came with a shadow by Australian Bushfires. While Aussies were battling the unprecedented furious blazes, people all over the world were in shock and praying for rain in Australia. They did control the fires, but the financial losses were huge, the worse hit was wildlife (1 billion animals died) and moreover, people who lost their lives. The Fire took a tremendous toll on Aussies emotionally and financially. I heard about Australia hit by the bush fires again, this time it’s the Capital Canberra. The fire started last week and it is the worst fire seen in 2 decades according to Sky News. I hope soon there will be rain!

To add fuel to the fire, things have not yet rested and at the Chinese New Year 2020 Coronavirus emerged. Till now (2-Feb 2020, 12:00 noon) 305 people are dead and 15,000 are affected worldwide, 99% of affected are in China, which has sealed the epicenter of the spread zone, Hubei province. It is believed that the virus had spread from Hubei province, capital city Wuhan and then swept all over the country. The virus has influenced 24 countries so far, but today a 44-year man died in the Philippines, the first-ever death outside China due to this virus. In China, people are staying at home and travels are postponed, though airports and railways stations are still open in most of the country, except Hubei province, the government is advising not to travel.  The staff is checking temperatures in public places like the airport, bus, railway stations, and supermarkets. In China, people are in good spirits staying. Roads of cities look like shorts from “I am legend movie”, somehow. The health staff has professionally dressed for the epidemic, giving the impression of the movie Contagion (2011).

WHO is constantly working with Chinese officials and commending the measures taken by the government. Recently WHO has declared a world health emergency, though advising not to enforce the travel ban.  Many countries have already canceled flights to mainland China because of fewer passengers as well as for the precautionary measures. Hong Kong too has stopped the trains as well as Ferries from mainland china. Many countries have evacuated their citizens from the Wuhan (the epicenter of spread zone), like Australia, France, the USA, Japan, UK and now have put the evacuates under quarantines in their respective cities for 15 days.

Australians are not happy and satisfied with their quarantine facility. First, it is away from mainland Australia (2000 km) and it is infamous for being a detention center for immigrants and refugees once and was in the news for poor toiletries and accommodations. 

Globally scientists are working effortlessly to make a vaccine for Coronavirus. Australian are already going into animal trails soon; the UK may be the next one. They are hopeful to introduce the vaccine this summer. Coronavirus is a strain of enveloped RNA viruses, which attaches itself to our bodies’ cells in a way that immune cells don’t detect them soon enough, and In this particular virus, the person infected is symptoms free for quite a few days and can infect many on interactions. The advice to the public is to wear masks, wash hands frequently, and stay at home. The motility rate of the virus is coming up to 2 % which is far less than the MERS and SARs. We hope that the virus will be contained soon and no more people will be affected. My heart goes for the people affected and to the families whose loved, ones succumbed to this epidemic.

Apple has closed all its stores in China till the 9th of Feb, which indeed is a critical date. Starbucks and other fast-food chains already closed their stores until further notice. The stock exchange is going down as the virus is affecting more people in China and around the world. Today China has suspended all public transports throughout the country.

Recently an earth quack hit Turkey which has claimed many lives and then floods in Brazil have its own death toll. The world is a small place to panic and gets lost. The only thing which we can do is to stay calm and try to make it a better place as much as we can. We should give a thought to these tragedies which have happened to individuals as well as to respective countries and think as to where we are heading. Are we going to survive the shocks of this news?

Well, not every news we are hearing is bad though. Priyanka Chopra (PC), an Indian famous actress and wife of Nick Jonas (Famous American singer) has been offered a role in Matrix Four. The actress got popular for her American TV series Quantico in the US. She has acted in the Baywatch movie, which was not well-received by the audience as well as by critics. Nevertheless, we are excited about matrix 4 and hope for no problem with the Priyanka Chopra to get cast. My concern is about Wachowskis sisters not able to show their magic, the way they did with Matrix 1. The major example is James Cameron Terminator the dark fate, which failed miserably at the box office and was unable to maintain its critical 5-stars rating either. Let’s hope for the best.

Please join this conversation with me here. Advise me on how to improve and make suggestions to this and other posts. Until then stay healthy, happy and vivid.

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