Self-care is not selfish | Being able to look after yourself will guarantee others’ well-being

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Self-care makes you self-aware! This is true for all groups and ages. When we start taking care of ourselves only then we can become ready to take care of others.

It is a common misconception that self-care is for rich and famous or successful people. One has to have a lot of money, time, and other resources then it can be done. Men, in particular, think that self-care is a very feminine thing. Women, on the other hand, think that they are the care-givers, why bother at all with self-care. Amazing, isn’t it?

One says charity begins at home, so why not to start with ourselves. When we begin taking care of ourselves, our way of life starts to improve albeit with the same genes and the same resources, true, isn’t it? I think it is not a selfish thing to do– right? A person needs an understanding of him/herself. They can only attain this by taking good care of their bodies and mind.

An active and healthy lifestyle

An active and healthy person can be useful to society and at the same time live life to its maximum. The world we know today is getting more obese or undernourished. According to WHO, 1.9 billion people are over-weighed and 462 million are underweight. The reason I mentioned this data is only to get your attention towards self-care.

We are biological machines, to take care of ourselves; we just need some basic steps, in the long run, which can make a huge positive difference, not in our lives, but in our environment too. It is the attitude towards self-care which needs to be addressed and then we are going to do something about it.

Taking care of your weight

Taking as little calories as possible, eating fewer times a day, avoiding high energy foods & drinks, eating more vegetables than meat, saying no to our “between meals” munching, and avoiding full stomach meals, carry such a weight that nothing else can be said to surpass this.

If the idea of decreasing intake and increasing expenditure in terms of the amount of food has been swallowed and properly dealt with, the next question is what are the major steps you have to take to achieve this? Describing each stage at a time, it will be as follows:

Please remember that anything going into your mouth will be counted as intake. You have to devise when and what to eat and eat just at that time in that specific amount, and nowhere in between should anything come near your lips, except water of course. “Just munching on things like cookies on the kitchen table or a couple of almonds will not harm”, is a myth and cannot go with this strategy. You have to be nil-by-mouth in between your eating timings.

Certain things you will take away from your life forever and will never look at them again. Fair examples are soda drinks of all kinds, ice creams, fast foods of any type, processed food, cookies, and all bakery stuff, etc.

Understand what you are up to

To give you an idea, a can (300 ml) of Coke or Pepsi contains around 50 grams of plain white sugar in them. 1 tablespoon is 15 grams so in one can you are taking a little more than 3 heaped up tablespoons.

Get rid of the myth “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Well, it is not. Only take breakfast if you think you need it, otherwise, either cancel it or replace it with a glass of milk and fruit.

One thing which you must understand is that there is no food in existence which will or will help you decrease weight. So just clear your mind and don’t waste your money on such and such tea, special kinds of herbs, or some expensive items of food. Losing weight can only be achieved by eating less, no food, drug, or herb can replace this.

There is no measured amount of meals, it’s all relative. The rule of thumb is to stop eating when you feel you are about to get full. Our body has an immense control system over our intake. Even at the start of the meal, the body even will let you know how much will you require at this particular time, listen to what is said. Afterward, the body will tell you that enough has already been taken. This is the time to completely and abruptly stop eating. Never let yourself to the 3rd time reminder of the body that you are now full.

Depending upon your output, mostly 1 hearty meal or 2 middle quantity meals for the whole 24 hours are sufficient. Once eaten, there is no more going into the mouth, remember the golden rule of “nil by mouth accept water”.

There will be an odd day, when either because of some extra work or just because of the habit, you will feel hungrier than normal days. Always opt for fruits preferably the roughage ones, like apples, bananas, or raw vegetables, like carrots, radishes, tomatoes, etc.

Never forget to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Enough water is the key to lose weight, especially if you are in a hot or humid environment. But again, don’t get me wrong, water, in no way, will help you decrease weight, it is just to keep you hydrated.

Believe me when I say that you don’t need a lot of calories

Most of the friends following my advice always complain that resisting hunger is troublesome. Now, this is what I call the real culprit. Believe me when I say that, you will feel hungry most of the time, it is this hunger which will reward you with a gradual weight reduction and for a longer time.

Nobody needs more than 1 time a day to eat. “Eating 3 times a day is healthy and never go empty stomach to bed” are all myths, don’t believe in them. Just stick to this stylish life and see the difference.

They say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, well it is not, and it’s just a myth. Take a very light breakfast, e.g. any one of these, a glass of milk, a fruit, some porridge (non-sweetened), cereal, etc. Over days, try to either omitting the breakfast or keeping it to a very minimum. You will feel hungry, no doubt, but bear with it, this is the part you have to play, or should I say, you must. You will not feel energy-less, believe me.

Helping the environment

The health benefits and creating a stylish life is no doubt a major advantage, and I think everybody knows it, but how can it be helpful to the environment. Everybody who loves to be involved in environmental protection and climate preservation and is against greenhouse effects and climate changes always wants to get her or himself concerned but lags by one little thought, as where should I put my weight in this global event. Let me give you an area where you can make a difference and exert such an influence that can even be palpated in the shorter term.

Eating less and go on decreasing your intake gradually is one very easy and shortcut way of not only achieving your goals of vivid and stylish life but to help the environment to flourish and by giving others a chance to thrive who are less fortunate than you.

Now what impacts will it put on the environment, this was the real issue, wasn’t it?

The livestock sector — raising cows, pigs, and chickens — generates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all cars, trucks, and automobiles combined.

Shipping our food long distances and processing it not only contributes to air and water pollution but depletes the food of nutrients.

Skipping just 1 meal a day will lift 12 cars off of the road for that period! Think of 12 cars emitting CO2 and causing pollution and the role you have played in helping the environment.

Suffice here is to say that the meal we skip is not just that half a Kg of food, but we helped conserve the resources which were put on that food, the fuel used, the water consumed, and the time is taken to make that food available on our table.

It’s not just our lifestyle, but to play a lead role along with others in the protection of the environment is so easy to start. Be the first to lead the way, tell at least 5 other friends to do so.

If you have skipped breakfast, you have achieved 50% of your goal

Later during the day, according to your routine, adjust a time at which you can take a meal. This will be the only meal you will get for the next 24 hours. This meal should be well adjusted towards your daily energy expenses and should include more vegetables, proper proteins, and carbohydrates. During the meal, stop at a point when the body gives you the signal that you are about to be full. Never go to the point where you feel full or stuff yourself to the brim with the meal. That’s it!

"As a fat-burner, your body breaks free from blood-sugar swings and brain-fog, and you can become a more efficient mentally and physically," says Ashley Smith, a nutritional therapy practitioner in Berkeley. "It may take a couple of weeks to effectively flip the switch from 'sugar burner' to 'fat burner,' but it can be done— particularly when consuming a variety of high-quality fats, whole/nutrient-dense vegetables, and properly sourced meats."

I will encourage you to visit this blog for detailed information on what amount of energy is used in producing food.

When I say, forget the sugary drinks, what I meant by that?

Really! Is it not so obvious? They are just bubbly sugary drinks with some odd fruit flavors that’s it.

Well, you can find much about them by Googling with a unanimous opinion, “they are no good”!

Take, for example, Pepsi, Coke, Miranda, Fanta, Sprite, 7-up, and a few more:

One can of all these have got nearly heaped up 3 tablespoons (not the teaspoons) of table sugar. Put 3-tbsp in a cup of tea and feel the sweetness. The energy you take with just one can of cold sugary water (I will call it that) will be burned only after continuously running for 3 miles or 4.5 Km. Do you think you can run this much even every day?

In addition to other harmful effects these drinks have, but we’ll leave the details for now. Coming to these fruit drinks, e.g. minute-maid from Coca Cola Company and all kinds of such drinks to just give you an idea.

The orange juice has got around four tablespoons of sugar in equivalent amounts to Pepsi. Apple juice has around 5 tablespoons; the list can go on forever.

Still having doubts?

When you are working so hard in achieving your goal of reducing weight, then why go for such silliness? The best way is to avoid all these drinks, the energy input of which will be so hard for you to spend.

Tell me what you think! The objective of this blog or discussion is to come to the idea to “love oneself”. Talk to me in propagating the concept of “loving yourself is not selfish”.


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