The problem with Michael Bay

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Michael Bay is a director notorious for making bad movies and ruining some franchises like Transformers and Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles.  So far so “not good”! What’s the problem with Michael Bay? Wow!  Where do we even begin?   He is an extremely egotistical and arrogant director where he constantly yells at his crewmembers, actors and actresses and not listening to anyone on set. 

All of his movies have the same basic style.  His films contain over statured orange and teal colors, his preferences of repetitive actions sequences over stories and character development, constant use of shaky camera, zoom in and out, quick-cut editing, Dutch angles, re-using footages from his previous films, showing women in a very misogynistic and benevolent sexism, racial stereotypes, three-hour-long movie that doesn’t have to be with fifty subplots and side characters,  excessive use of product placement, twisting and altering history for entertainment purposes,  showing annoying characters on the screen who are basically there to scream at the top of their lungs,  especially Shia Labeouf,  awful dialogues like “ you are so beautiful it hurts” and “it’s your nose that hurts”,  jingoism in which he shows that just America will do everything in the end and all other countries are idiots, incompetent, oblivious, and ignorant.  Like in Transformers, Bad Boys 2, Pearl Harbor, and 13 Hours, he shows all the other countries people in Benghazi are terrorists with giant beards, holding AK 47 machine guns ready to kill the American soldiers and yelling and chanting and all the children are basically enjoying seeing their townspeople kill the innocent soldiers,  presenting the Japanese empire as cartoonish mustache-twirling villains who just want to attack America on the day of Pearl Harbor just to prove their dominance over them,  Chinese people as lazy, clumsy, and oblivious,  showing a Cuban drug lord in Bad Boys 2 as 80s Rambo villain. Laughing, cackling, ugly-looking, and a one-dimensional villain who screams a lot brings in garbage can of arms and legs of dead bodies,  and can’t act worth a dime.  Showing Middle Eastern dispatch callers as disgusting people who poke their noses, are lazy at their jobs and don’t show a shred of care towards the American soldiers risking their lives in the war.  Twisting a real-life character by changing his nationality from a Florida businessman to a South American drug dealer who is a dickhead and asshole to everyone like in Pain and Gain.  Showing the excessive amount of government politics in which some soldier is walking very fast, talking very fast, yelling at screens in a blue room, and is basically a talking-head that is just trying to figure out how to kill the Transformers. 

The most disgusting scene in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is when a professor in a university is flirting with single porn-star looking girls in his class and the girls are basically interested in fucking him in bed and he might be a real serial killer like Ted Bundy (Ted Bundy was a serial killer who killed raped and murdered 30 women in the later 1970s era of USA).  Implausibility and fantasy elements of his movies like a mother asking her son whether he was “masturbating”.  WTF!  What kind of mother asks her son whether he was “masturbating”. 

Characters becoming superheroes towards the end of the movie by surviving so many injuries and countless falls.  Pandering to the lowest common denominator by over sexualizing female characters. The women in his movies are literally trophies for the men at the very end of the movie and he also shows in a Bollywood way of people stepping out of cars when they are shot a low-angle with the sun glaring over them.  He is so lazy because he basically makes the same movie over and over again just with different actors only worse; it becomes excruciating and monotonous to watch. 

He is also extremely self-indulgent because he basically overstuffs his movies with the same formula and thinks that audiences paid their hard-earned money to see annoying characters like Mudflaps and Skids, two robots who were heavily accused of making fun of Mexican, African, and Egyptian people.  His movies also never feel like he made for an audience or he respects his audience, his movies always felt like he just made them for himself only so that he could watch them in his penthouse, sitting his spoiled, lazy, misogynistic,  arrogant, retarded ass, down, eating popcorn, drinking soda, and laughing at everything that happens in his movies. 

He makes the best/good actors look bad.  He made Bruce Willis, Shia Labeouf, Ben Affleck, John Malkovich, and Stanley Tucci look worse and he made them annoying characters to the point where you wanted to punch them in the face.  Abruptly turning oil drillers into astronauts so that they could save the world belongs in a Tom and Jerry cartoon and if it was in a movie, it would in one of the Batman episodes by Adam West (RIP).  

If there was one thing that he could do right, it was to show amazing special effects with the Transformers, but even that he doesn’t do right because whenever an action sequence happens in his movies, its shot in a very shaky, zoomed in with tons of incoherent cuts and you are basically left with a blur of an image with giant chunks of metals flying everywhere.   I watched a scene from Star Wars: Phantom Menace and I was amazed by the fact that even the prequel trilogy of Star Wars and the (completely unnecessary and convoluted) Matrix sequels had character consistency and heart to it.  You could watch those movies and just nitpick the shit out of them, day and night, but you have to acknowledge that even they tried to tell a story that was true to the original films. 

In Bay movies, there are zero effort from him at all and his response is that he is trying to pay homages to the classic films. In his defense, he stated that he was paying tribute to Casablanca and Titanic while making Pearl Harbor.  He stated that he was trying to make Schindler List 2 as well as pay tribute to Bad Boys, Hangover, and Inglorious Bastards with Pain and Gain. His excuse for animal sex, racial stereotypes was that he is injecting some comedy and personality into his movies and the government politics was that he is trying to make the movies look as realistic as possible.

He also doesn’t care what critics or audiences think about his movies because there was a thunder of applause and his movies would make millions of dollars.

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