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Please carefully read these Standard Membership Rules and posting etiquettes for vividnstylish, which apply to all members and users, and to all Internet websites and other services provided by us. If you do not wish to comply with these Rules, you should immediately cancel your membership and all other services.

  1. Membership is free.

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How to post & comment?

  1. Be respectful, Stay on topic, Check for duplicate content, Avoid Spam.

  2. No illegal streaming.

  3. No personal attacks.

  4. No offensive imagery.

  5. This forum is about feminism, autism, & climate: If you think you can write something about our niche and help population at large to understand something about one of these, be our guest. Please avoid articles not related to our niche, as those will be removed. In feminism category, especially, it does not mean that only women can post articles or make comments on the posts. People from all walks of life are welcomed here. Women are facing a lot of problems, especially in those areas of the world, where women are regarded as class three citizens. They are denied basic rights. We are all here to talk about those. In addition, we will be following all those stories around the world related to women, which are unfolding right now. There is much to be done. If we don't speak up, then no one will.

  6. One can see that there are only 4 categories in this forum.

  1. Feminism: Please start a new article in this category related to women. It might be a story, news happening, or a personal experience you want to share. Keep in mind that all these articles must be discussed by all visitors and they are free to comment on those. Their point of view may be different from yours, you can debate with them, about this, but try never to leave the respect out of it.

  2. Autism: Use this category for spreading awareness about Autism, news and happenings around the world, sharing, finding, and discussing helpful information, & posting your news, and connecting with other members. This part of the forum can also be used for hot questions a member wants to pose to the audience and requires a decent answer. One can add a poll in his/her post as well to gather votes about the question.

  3. Climate: We appreciate your effort in contributing for the voice of protection of the climate. Believe me, you and we are not alone in this effort. We are, but one part of huge efforts going on in this era. Before delving into the murky waters of Climate Protection Forum, please read our guidelines and help us maintain the integrity of this forum, thank you.

  4. Admin Communique: A two-way communication bridge between the admin and the users of this site. All suggestions, comments, and advice about the site can be communicated by the posts added to this category.

  5. You can add images, videos, and HTML frames to your articles to enhance your message. You can also advertise your blog or website by putting a link to it in your every post or comment, but please avoid spamming.

  6. This forum is moderated, both the posts and comments, all undue articles and comments will be either edited or removed.

  7. When you create a poll in your article, please mention it in the heading of the post. It will be wise to create a separate post for a poll with the heading title "Poll - (title of a poll).

  8. No off-topic posting; pick the appropriate forum

  9. No spamming, flooding, or thread breaking

  10. No trolling/flaming; stay on-topic and avoid personal insults and harassment

  11. No illegal material or requests for illegal material, including but not limited to warez, ROMs, copyrighted music, and child pornography

How to use chat box?

Influencer making lemon water
  1. If You’re Sending the First Message, Be Specific & Brief.

  2. It’s OK to Send a Polite Follow-Up.

  3.  Don’t Wait Too Long to Reply to Someone Else’s Message.

  4. Use Proper Grammar & Watch Out for Spelling Mistakes

  5. Avoid Long-Winded Texts.

  6. Never Send Unsolicited Pics.

  7. Be Sparing With the Emojis.

  8. In general, don't be an idiot, and don't be a jerk. These sound like fairly basic requirements, but unfortunately, more detail is often required as to what those terms mean.


  1. Vividnstylish disclaims all responsibility for the contents of postings in the blog or the forum or other material posted at the site. Members must be aware of current laws regarding libel, defamation, obscenity, and fair labor relations or other applicable laws. Posts promoting establishments that sell alcoholic beverages or relating to alcohol will not be permitted. However, posts promoting alcohol awareness and responsible decision-making along with promoting member sites will be permitted.

  2. Individuals are encouraged to use the posting areas in a responsible manner by complying with the regulations.